Hiking week in the Reunion Island

Spending a week hiking in the Reunion Island is one of enjoyable holidays I had and several people asked about sharing this trip, photos, hints, etc… So here we go!

I included Strava information, interesting to see where we hiked, how much elevation we climbed, but don’t look at the time, gpx to Strava, timing got very wrong !

All the photos are here : https://bastien.tribuleblanc.com/la-reunion

Day 1 – Cilaos / La Chapelle

We started on a moderate hike to baseline our capacity for the week, not so easy, but not so hard. Sleeping in a Gite in Cilaos, we walked down to the “Chapelle”, an old magmatic chamber named out of its form and beauty. Easy start, going down to the river, but walking back up, was a good measurement, against the “proposed” timing we can find on hiking website (thanks https://randopitons.re/ 🙂 )

Day 2 – Cilaos / Cap Bouteille

cirque de Cilaos

A classic from Cilaos is to climb to the col du Taibit, but aswe were planning to do it the day after from le Cirque de Mafate, we aimed for a variant, turning right during the climb to the col du Taibit.

We ended up on a largerly less frequented path, very humid and green. Large sleepy rocks. And aiming for a different viewpoint. Unfortunately, despite weather forecast (which is in la Réunion never to be trusted!), clouds formed quickly so no view for us, just a deep and humid walk in the tropical forest.

Walking down, a stop for a “Tisane”, 2 choices, a “montante” and a “descendante”, whever you want something to boost you up or cool you down… Very nice one. A slighty easier hike this day, but touchy. I would recommend to do it *very* early, and if you feel like it to get to the higher path to the 3 salazes

Day 3 – Col des Boeufs / Marla / Col du Taibit / Marla

cirque de Salazie, early morning

Starting from the Col des boeufs, early in the morning, the light of the sunrise over the mountain was breathtaking, checkout the photos ! When at the col, we had a wonderful view of the south of Mafate.

Marla and col des boeufs from Taibit

As we started early, I was hopping to have time to climb up the col du Taibit, this time in a faster, sportive way. But Reunion classic… clouds catched up, did get great view on the way up though.

Day 4 – Marla / 3 Roches / La Nouvelle

Another hard day ahead of us, objective walk down the 3 Roches and enormous “Gouffre” before going back to La Nouvelle.

Start of the journey is going north from Marla village, after the tropical and humid environnment we arrive in a rocky, almost lunear landscape. And going down, near this deep hole, great view.
Now we have to climb back to La Nouvelle !
At la Nouvelle, have a snack and drink at the Bistrot des songes, recommended.

Day 5 – La Nouvelle / view from Cimendal / Col des Boeufs

For the last day, before climbing back to le col des Boeufs, I went to enjoy the panorama from Roche-Plate, and then climbing back up. After a few wrong directions around Cimendal, I arrived in the view point to the nord of Mafate, impressive and beautiful.

The last climb to the col des boeufs was in a foggy weather. Typical if you climb too late…